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I ate a pizza with not-fully-cooked sausage Sunday night.
Monday and Tuesday I was sicker than I ever remembered being..
I was too sick to go to the doctor - it would've taken an ambulance.

My legs hurt, my arms hurt, my stomach felt like Fallujah and since 
my ribs were so sore from hurling, every breath I took was a dagger.
Hell, my balls even hurt - what's up with that?

We turned the thermostat on 62 and I got an ice pack on my forehead
and had a box fan blowing that 62 degree wind over me and still I was sweating.

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT a fund-raising appeal.

I'm just letting you know why there was no Monday or Wednesday page.
I had most of Monday's page done before the attack so I forced myself
to sit in front of the computer long enough to finish the last issue.

I don't guess there's ever a good time to get food poisoning
but right now it's just another major painful fucking distraction.
With some luck I'll have a page up Thursday.

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