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Subject: Mike the Dealer's Football Playoff Line

Sorry about the layoff everyone, got crazy during the holiday season and then my computer got virused silly 
and I couldn’t get ahold of my E-mail. So anyhow it’s playoff time, or ‘the tournament’ as the football folks call it. 
I’ll preview every game and give my picks here.

Home team in CAPS

BENGALS -2.5  Jets

The Bengals laid down and died for the Jets last Sunday night, in doing so they gave the Jets a playoff birth 
and now the two teams face off in a re-match but this time in Cincy. The Bengals have been awful as of late, 
while the Jets struggled but then caught 2 teams not really trying.

This line opened at 4 and has moved quickly to -2.5…
This means the ‘sharps’ in Vegas have jumped on the Jets quickly and are betting good money on them. 
We’ll see if the smart money is right on Saturday.

MY PICK: I go with the smart money and take the Jets +2.5 and it’s my lock of the week.

COWBOYS -3.5 Eagles

Another re-match, but this time in the same stadium as before, last week’s game clearly effected the lines, 
as instead of being meaningless like the Bengals/Jets game, this game could have given the Eagles a bye and home field 
for at least one game if they had won, but they were routed by the Cowboys and now must play in Dallas again.

The week 17 on this game was Dallas -3, having just won convincingly, Vegas moved the line to -4.5 to start and 
quickly the money has come in on the Eagles, since 1 game doesn’t truly change what a game between teams is 
supposed to be line (barring injuries to key players) the sharp money grabbed the free point and a half Vegas was 
giving the Eagles, expect this line to move back to that number once the power of Cowboy Money kicks in.

MY PICK: I think the winner of this game represents the NFC in the Super Bowl to be honest, 
and (cover your eyes Bart) I think Dallas wins this game, and covers. I take Dallas -3.5

PATRIOTS -3.5  Ravens

This line opened at Pats -6.5 and has been HAMMERED…The sharp money loves the Ravens, and why not, 
the Patriots offense has been two men, Moss and Welker, just about all year and now one of them is out with an injury. 
These teams played a very tight game week 4 that was decided by a dropped pass on 4th down as the Ravens were 
driving to win, they meet again as Wildcard Weekend  is all rematches, 3 of the 4 being re-matches from week 17.

MY PICK: Whenever everyone piles on against the Patriots, they win and make Vegas a lot of money, I’ll take the Patriots -3.5

CARDS -1.5 Packers

Line opened at Cards -3 and again Vegas loved the dog. The Packers have been playing excellent football, 
winning 7 of their last 8 and riding a big time hot streak, they trampled the Cards in what was a meaningless game 
for both teams, but now it’s for real and we’ll see if the Cards can get back into the swing of things.

MY PICK: I take the Packers +1.5, I really feel like they are rolling and I don’t think Arizona is a tough place to play at all.

Send your picks anytime before Saturday’s opening game to  make sure you list 
one of the 4 games as your lock, and I’ll be keeping the standings for the whole playoffs, so we’ll know who wins 
the over-all playoffs as well as the week to week winners. 

Bart says bet on Arizona.
Kurt Warner will throw it and Larry Fitzgerald will catch it.

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