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Subject: Mike the Dealer's football playoff picks

The Divisional Round is here, and away we go!

Home team in CAPS

SAINTS -7 Vs Cards

The Saints fell apart at the end of the season, beating the Redskins only because of a missed 
chip shot field goal and a lot of luck, then getting routed by Dallas, losing to the miserable Bucs, 
then benching Drew Brees and conceding Vs the Panthers. The Cardinals come into this game 
with a scalding hot offense and a defense that was shredded by the Packers. Normal ‘over/under’ 
bets for a game range between 42 to 48…This one opened at 56.5 and has moved to 57, 
people expect fireworks and a lot of them.

MY PICK: I think the team that has the ball last wins, and in that case I take 
the points and go with the Cards, and they’ll be my lock of the week also.

COLTS -6.5 Vs Ravens

The Colts were boo’ed off their home field by a disgusted crowd when they threw away a shot at 19-0. 
The funny thing about this is the Colts are 0-3 under Manning when coming into the playoffs off a bye. 
Who knows why on earth they keep doing this. Of course on the other side of things the Colts offense is practically unstoppable.

MY PICK: I take the Ravens and the points just out of pure spite of the Colts for their refusal to try to go 19-0, to hell with them.

VIKINGS -2.5 Vs Cowboys

The Vikings also stumbled down the stretch, their only win a rout of the Giants, who had quit on the season. 
Dallas comes into this game a house of fire and you can be sure the line on this game is as low as it is due to 
Cowboy Money flooding into the books.

MY PICK: Well I said the winner of Philly/Dallas would be the NFC’s team in the Super Bowl, 
so I have to stick to my guns and take the Cowboys.


This line opened at 9 or 9.5 depending where you looked, this means a ton of money came in on the Jets. 
The Jets did look damn impressive in their crushing of the Bengals and maybe their defense can carry 
a rookie QB all the way, but I doubt it.

MY PICK: I do need a favorite in here somewhere, so I take the Chargers.

Last week’s picks

3-1 Hit Lock

Jeff G, Nic G

3-1 Missed Lock

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Mike the Dealer. Mike C.


Bart Cop, Mike D.  Peter Y.

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Bart say

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