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Mike the Dealer's Football Picks

The beatdowns continue

After the Bills and Raiders offered us a brief delay in the endless routs, last week went right back to form, the Pats and Colts, 
both huge favorites, crushed their ways to easy wins.  In the 1PM games, the  Pats, Colts, Chargers, Packers all cruised to easy wins.  

In the late games the Saints looked doomed both for the win and the cover, but then rallied for both in a huge comeback. 
Only the late game had the Giants fail to cover, and they lost on the field. After that minor reprieve the bookies went right back 
to losing as the Eagles got all the bets, and won with ease. The most common ‘exotic’ bet on Monday Night Football is a parlay 
of ‘the favorite and the over’ and that parlay hit last night, so the continued bloodletting for Vegas does not relent.

The lines have to go up, the horrible nature of the worst teams in the NFL will force massive changes to the lines.

And you’ll see it this week, we have lines on 12 games, and 5 of them are double digits, and it’s only going to continue, 
Vegas will continue to add points till the favorites stop covering, but who knows when that will be.


Finally we hit one. Bartcop readers are apparently a sharp lot of football bettors, many 4-1’s and a 5-0 this week, 
we need to bring these results to some group with capital to start a sports betting company.

The 5-0 Champion of Champions
Tex the Champion!!    

Picked the Saints as his lock, and then the Pats/Colts /Eagles/Texans

4-1’s (Hit locks)

Mike The Dealer (Lock: Colts)

Nic G (Lock: Packers)

James D  (Lock: Bengals)

Mike A (Lock: Packers)


Peter Y. , Richardo M. The Other Bart, James S. Mike D. (Who went 3-2 only picking late games, cause he got his picks in late)


Jeff G.

I think I misplaced Bartcop’s picks, I know he sent me an E-mail but I didn’t see it when I did my column, 
so all I can say is sorry boss, if you went 5-0 also just hunt down that  E-mail and send it back to me!

It goes without saying that I went 5-0 because I'm a football genius. 

THE LINES for this weekend

Home team in CAPS

No line on Lions/Rams due to questions about health of Lions QB/WR

FAVORITE           LINE          UNDERDOG

RAVENS              -3.5           Broncos

BEARS                -14.5         Browns

Texans                   -3.5         BILLS

COLTS                -13.5        49’ers

JETS                     -3.5         Dolphins

COWBOYS        -10.5       Seahawks

EAGLES               -0.5         Giants

CHARGERS         -17.5       Raiders

TITANS                -3.5         Jaguars

PACKERS            -3.5         Vikings

CARDS                -10.5       Panthers

SAINTS               -10.5       Falcons

You can send your picks in any time before kickoff to

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