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Mike the Dealer's Football Picks

Any Given Sunday?

Poker players call it ‘variance’ it’s the luck in the game, you get all in with an overpair vs an underpair 
and you’re supposed to win, if you’re Joe Cada, your underpair wins twice at the final table of the Main Event 
of the World Series of Poker and two nights later you win a coin flip and are World Champion.

This last week everyone ‘teased’ Green Bay, so they only had to win by a little or just win at all, and then watched them lose. 
It’s ‘variance’ and it’s the bane of the gambler, we want things to go according to form, not crazy upsets and random butt-kickings. 

Now is the time of the year when we have to take stock of teams, try to figure who’s really good and who’s really bad. 
This is crunch time in the gambling season. Are the Cowboys (Avert your eyes Bart) for real? 
Are the Steelers back in the hunt to repeat? Is Denver a fraud? All big questions the next couple of weeks will answer.

Our worst winning mark yet

3-2 Missed locks

Ricardo, Tex


Mike The Dealer, Mike A. James D. Peter Y.


Nic G., Mike C., Mike D (We have a lot of mikes in this contest)




Remember to pick 5 and make one your lock. Send your picks anytime before kick off to

NOTE: San Fran Vs Chicago is on Thursday Night, so if you want to pick that game, get your picks in early!

Home team in CAPS

FAVORITE             LINE        UNDERDOG

49’ERS               -2.5            Bears

JETS                    -6.5            Jaguars

TITANS               -6.5           Bills

STEELERS           -6.5           Bengals

Broncos             -3.5           REDSKINS

VIKINGS             -16.5         Lions

Saints                  -13.5        RAMS

Falcons               -1.5          PANTHERS

DOLPHINS          -9.5          Bucs

RAIDERS             -1.5          Chiefs

CARDINALS        -8.5         Seahawks

CHARGERS         -2.5         Eagles

Cowboys             -2.5        PACKERS

COLTS                  -2.5        Patriots

Ravens                 -10.5     BROWNS

Good luck everyone, and let's get on the right side of .500 this time!

You can send picks anytime before kickoff to and good luck to everyone.

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