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Mike the Dealer's Football Lines

Perfection 2x?

People say itís impossible, but we are here with two 10-0 teams, 
what are the odds of both of them going undefeated? Letís check the schedules


@ Texans. After the Texans have had their kicker blow 2 games for them, 
they might be shot, weíll see if they can muster the will to give Indy a game again.

Titans- The Titans have won 4 in a row, but they have to go to Indy, so likely the good times for Vince Young end here

Broncos- Falling apart at the seams, if the Colts are 12-0 going in, theyíll be 13-0 leaving

@ Jaguars- This could be tough, division road game, they may have the division 
and home field for the playoffs locked up, this may be the one to do them in.

Jets- If they are 14-0, they should have no problems making it 15-0

@ Bills- If they are 15-0, the only question is if the Colts will want perfection or not, the Bills canít stop them.

So pretty much Indy is 2 road division games away from 16-0 if things go to plan, how about the Saints?


Patriots- Clearly the Saints biggest game of the year, this may well be the end 
of the streak for them, but at least they get the Pats in the dome.

@ Redskins- The Redskins have shown some fight as of late, but they are outclassed badly.

@ Falcons- Road divisional foe, if the Pats donít get them, the Falcons might

Cowboys- Who knows with this totally unpredictable team, but the Saints get them at home, always a help.

Bucs- A gimme

@ Panthers- Panthers will most likely be out of the playoff race, so the question will be if they play for pride 
to stop a 15-0 Saints team, or if they just roll over and die to bring forth the Cowher administration  
(Or at least thatís what my Panther friend fan is hoping for)

So the Saints have quite the mine field to get through, and worse for them, while the Colts have 
a bunch of 7-3 teams in 2nd behind them, the Saints have a 9-1 Vikings team on their heels. 
Thanks to the Vikings butter soft schedule the Saints had best keep to winning if they want the 
NFC Title game in their done and not the Vikingís dome.


No 5-0ísÖBy a half point! Boo the dreaded half point!


Jeff G, who also hit his lock (Patriots)


Mike The Dealer, James D, Other Bart


Nic G.  Mike D.  Mike C.  Peter Y.


Bartcop, James S.

(You'd think Chippy the Chimp would score higher than Ol' Bart)


Remember to pick 5 games and label one of them as your lock for the week. 
Also we got 3 games on Thanksgiving, so get your picks in early if youíre picking any of them.

Picks can be sent in anytime before kickoff to

FAVORITE            LINE        UNDERDOG

Packers                -10.5       LIONS

COWBOYS       -13.5     Raiders

Giants                  -6.5         BRONCOS

Colts                   -3.5        TEXANS

BENGALS        -13.5      Browns

VIKINGS          -10.5      Bears

EAGLES            -8.5        Redskins

Dolphins             -2.5        BILLS

Seahawks           -2.5        RAMS

FALCONS       -11.5     Bucs

JETS                  -2.5       Panthers

49íERS              -2.5      Jaguars

CHARGERS     -13.5   Chiefs

SAINTS            -2.5     Patriots

Good luck everyone, and happy turkey day! 

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