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Mike the Dealer's Football picks

The Redskins, where the smart money goes

The last two weeks the ‘sharps’ in Vegas have put their money behind the Redskins, and both times the Redskins 
covered the spread, and nearly won on the field. They led 6-0 over the Cowboys all game and even had a Field Goal 
attempt to get to 9-0 be missed, and then lost on a heartbreaking final drive by the Cowboys, this week Philly had to 
scratch claw and kick to escape with a victory over the Skins, who were a big underdog. 

Who knows if Vegas will continue to underestimate the Skins, time will tell.

Hell…Not quite so warm

4-1 winners of the week (Both hit their lock)

Michael C. and….Bartcop!! No really, Bart went 4-1!

Woo Hoo! 


Mike The Dealer, Big Orange Jeff


Other Bart, James D. James S.


Nic G.

Remember: pick 5 games and include one as your lock.
Picks can be sent to me any time before kickoff at

Home team in CAPS

Jets/Bills is a Thursday game, so get your plays in early if you’re taking that one.

No line on the Cardinals game due to the uncertain status of Kurt Warner


Jets                   -2.5       BILLS

Broncos            -4.5       CHIEFS

JAGUARS           -0.5        Texans

COLTS               -6.5       Titans

Eagles               -5.5       FALCONS

BENGALS          -12.5     Lions

Saints                -9.5       REDSKINS

PANTHERS        -6.5      Bucs

BEARS                -9.5      Rams

Chargers           -12.5    BROWNS

SEAHAWKS       -0.5    49’ers

Cowboys            -0.5   GIANTS

Patriots              -5.5    DOLPHINS

PACKERS            -2.5   Ravens                                               

Good luck everyone, let’s see if Bart can win (Well, share the win at least) again.

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