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Football picks for Sept 27th 

Watching the Patriot Dynasty die, learning about Cowboy Money

Sunday began with the depressing viewing of the Patriots being soundly outplayed and beaten by the Jets. 
Every drive further reminded me that the 07 Patriots are long since dead and gone, no more running up the score, 
no more making Joe Gibbs cry, no more angry 72 Dolphins on TV hoping the Patriots would lose a game.

No, these Patriots are not very good, Brady was iffy at best, the offensive line can't run block to save it's life, 
the defense is easy to push inside it's own 20, and then it's just a question of if you score a TD or a FG. All in and it was horrible.

Compounding matters was the fact that I had a bunch of Jets fans standing around me, cheering every Jet play, 
rooting for their new hero Mark Sanchez, bemoaning the conservative Jet playcaling. "Let the kid throw it!" 
one guy would yell after every big play where the Jets elected to run rather then pass. Having another guy 
scream "J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS" after big plays. It was irksome

But it was the Jets day, I give the devil their due, I have no idea if the Patriots can have their problems fixed, 
it seems so weird how good they were two years ago and how just out of touch they appear now, if not for 
the crazy string of events to end the game Vs Buffalo they would be 0-2

The 'late' games (If by late you mean 1PM in Vegas, damn time zones) featured the Steelers blowing a game to the Bears, 
and the Ravens of all teams getting themselves into a shoot out with the Chargers and winning. During all this time I got to 
watch the true power of Cowboy money.

When I walked into the Sportsbook on Monday last week, I saw the truth and the future told me, it was as if angels
were singing (Or since this is Bartcop, Shirley Manson.) I saw the Giants listed as a 3 point underdog to the Cowboys.

Now I felt the Giants should be the favorites, so to see Dallas giving three was amazing, this was stealing, it was to good to be true. 
There was one minor catch to it all, the fact that Vegas was making Dallas an "even money" bet, and the Giants were a "-120" bet, 
this means, you had to wager 120 on the Giants to win 100, the standard 11-10 odds were now 12-10 odds, meanwhile the 
Cowboys were 10-10 odds. The bookies were letting you get points with the Giants, but you had to pay a little extra to get it.

Behold the power of Cowboy Money.

After the 1PM games finished around 4, and there was an hour before the Sunday Night game, Looked up at the betting lines, 
and now the Cowboys were -105, or 10.5-10 odds, and the Giants were now -115. Cowboys fans had bet their team so much 
the book was now adding vig to the Cowboys and taking it off the Giants, trying to get people to bet the Giants to help balance 
their books. But it wouldn't happen thanks to the power of Cowboy Money. 15 minutes before kick off, the numbers vanished 
completely off the screen, now both teams were a straight 11-10 bet, Cowboy Money pushed the vig completely out of the way, 
I'm almost shocked it didn't move the line a half point further, to make the Giants a 3.5 point underdog.

Of course as the game was ending, the Cowboys were clinging to a 31-30 lead and while the Giants were trying to win the game 
on the field, their gamblers had already won, barring an Eli Manning interception run back for a touchdown, the Giants would cover 
the spread and win the game for those that bet them, and in the end they ruined the opening of the Cowboy's new stadium by winning 
on the field too, and odds are made the MGM sportsbook very happy, as all that Cowboy Money would be staying with them.


These are the official Bartcop picks lines, all of them are set to be on half points so there will be no ties, only wins or losses, if you 
don't see a game listed here, it's because there was no line for it when I wrote this up, so sadly you can't pick it. Pick any 5 teams 
and send the picks in to and I'll store them and post results with next week's report. I'll also post my
picks this Friday, feel free to send yours in anytime before Sunday Mornings kick offs, and be sure to mock my horrible plays.

If you don't get how the spread works, here goes.

The first team listed is the favorite, they will give starting the game losing by however many points I list. So if we have Steelers -5.5 Browns, 
that means that when this game starts, as far as our contest is concerned, the Browns are winning 5.5 to 0. The half points make sure there 
can't be a tie. So if you take the underdog, you get extra points, if you take the favorite, you give extra points. You'll hear people talking 
about a team "Getting 6" or "Giving 3 and a half" and that's what they mean.

BET LINES FOR WEEK 3 (Home team's name is listed in CAPS, so you know where the game is being played. 
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are always lists as Bucs because that's a way too long of a name.)

Favorite      Line     Underdog
JETS          -3.5      Titans     
TEXANS     -3.5      Jaguars
RAVENS   -13.5     Browns
Giants         -6.5     BUCS
Redskins     -6.5     LIONS
Packers      -6.5      RAMS
VIKINGS     -7.5      49'ers
PATRIOTS   -4.5     Falcons
Saints         -6.5     BILLS
Bears          -1.5     SEAHAWKS
Steelers       -4.5     BENGALS
RAIDERS    -1.5     Broncos
COWBOYS -9.5     Panthers

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