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Subject: Your forum for 9/11 disinformation


I'm surprised that you're still providing a forum for 9/11 disinformation.

That's an untrue accusation.
I print e-mails from readers.
Are you suggesting 9-11 doubters have no right to their opinions?
Isn't it arrogance on your part that you're right and nobody else is?

I am not an engineer. I'm working with a high school diploma and a certain amount of common sense
... and 32 years experience as an Army NCO, which included training, however superficial, in demolitions. 
I know a little something about blowing shit up.

I know enough to recognize that the contention the WTC towers were demolished by a controlled implosion 
has certain implications that are never addressed by the advocates of the theory.

I would like to address just a few of them.

1. Who planted the explosives?

You want the guy's name?
Look at it from another direction: Who stood to gain 
from a massive attack that repealed the U.S. Constitution?

The number of persons with the experience necessary to accomplish the work is a finite number. 
It is a close knit community. While it might be possible to hide the perpetrators from the general public,
it wouldn't be possible to hide their identities from their professional peers.

You're saying every office of every floor was occupied by honest men without ambition?
And why do you think only an expert could have planted the explosives? (if there were any)

So, by implication EVERY member of that community supports the conspiracy. Also, implicitly anyone in 
that community who did not support the conspiracy must have been eliminated before they could spill the beans.

If a team rents offices on Floors 36 and 66 and plants explosives, who needs to be eliminated?

Have there been any mysterious deaths among the population capable doing the job of mining the WTC towers?

Doesn't every medium-big city have demolition teams?
What if someone gave a dumbass like me a heavy box and said, "Put this in the cabinet in Office 446?"

Counter-argument: It was a military unit.

Which military unit? Military units leave a massive paper trail - even a missing trail would be evidence. 
You can destroy the record, but that leaves a hole that has to be filled in somehow. Which means that whoever 
created the false trail has to be in on the conspiracy, as well as the entire unit and all of the chain of command above it. 
Maybe the post commander doesn't know where they were and what they were doing, but he knows they were SOMEWHERE doing SOMETHING.

I realize it's hard to say exactly what you mean in print, but why can't a former team get together and help the Bush bastards?
You're acting like they have to be current military to have the capability to blow shit up.

It wouldn't be as hard to get rid of any soldier who disagreed with the conspiracy, just ship 'em off to war and let Hadji blow 'em up. 
Although that might sit well with their team-mates if they got to wondering if they were going to be next.

Look, I'm, not saying I have proof of anything but you're setting the bar awfully low.
So far every sentence you've written is easily swatted away. 
You don't have to get some 60-man platoon to set some explosives.
It'd be easy to pick the 5 most guys who loved Cheney's plan for world domination.

It's not enough to claim the WTC towers were mined if you can't identify at least one of the perpetrators.

Considering America and the world changed drastically, would it hurt to look at all angles?
Are you aware that President Kennedy was killed right before our eyes?
Probably by former military types - how is that so incredibly hard to accept?

2. WHEN were the explosives planted?

You ask very unimportant questions.
If they planted them a year in advance, would that make a difference?
What if they planted them a week in advance - who cares when?

2.a. How did "they" conceal the preparations for imploding the building until "they" were ready to arm the explosives?

In a cardboard box?
I'm not trying to mock you, but your  it-couldn't-have-possibly-happened  certainty is laughable.
Do you think they needed an airplane hanger's worth of explosives?
And since nobody saw an airplane hanger enter the WTC that day it couldn't have possibly happened?

Do you know that the Pope covers up rapes and some Heisman Trophy winners cut their wives heads off?
Shit happens in this world, even strange and unlikely shit.

I hope you'tre not a homicide detective because if you were, I think you'd take 
one look at a crime scene and then declare what happened and then go home.

2.b. What safety measures were taken to prevent premature detonation?

How about the switch wasn't turned on?
How about they set the timer for 24 hours on Sept 10?
Are you sure you've worked with explosives?

2.c. Where was the control center located from which the implosion was initiated?

In Iraq, they blow up IEDs with cell phones.
Cell phones work in New York, sometimes.

Controlled demolition is a massive undertaking.

Your anonymous "engineer" speculates "To have achieved the effect seen on 9/11 
only a couple of adjacent floors (perhaps unleased) would have needed to be wired."

What evidence exists for those unleased floors existing? It's clearly evident from the live video on 9/11 
that the floors impacted by whatever hit them (I'll address that as well) were occupied. From records and 
from the testimony of survivors and the families of the victims, we know those floors had been occupied for 
some time prior to 9/11 by long term tenants.

We're getting nowhere because I don't think you're making sense.
You're giving me your Nancy Grace Guarantee that no explosives could possibly have been in that building.
I'm not guaranteeing that there were, I'm just asking some questions.
And why are you convinced that WTC had 100% occupancy?

Even if "they" only had to mine a single floor, a large number of individual charges had to be planted and wired 
in such a way that they detonated in a pre-determined sequence ... otherwise the building doesn't come 
straight down, it tips over to the side.

That seems like a red flag for my side.
The WTC came straight down, like a pre-wired building would.
How did the jets' fuel get distributed so evenly that the buildings came straight down?
That seems unlikely. Wouldn't it have been more likely that they fell to one side? 

That takes a LOT of wiring back to a central controller. Radio control won't work. There's too great a chance 
for premature detonation from spurious RF signals AND a significant risk failure to detonate. It takes physical wire 
runs to ensure the explosives will detonate on signal.

I don't know about those things but you're making assumptions and reaching conclusions on wacky evidence.
How did Oswald get the rifle in the Book Depository?
If you can't answer that to my satisfaction, does that mean JFK is still alive?

In the military we were required to use dual chain initiation, i.e. you used TWO initiators with individual firing circuits. 
So that means twice as much wiring.

Again, I don't know.
But when you take evil bastards and add the CIA and unlimited money and throw in immunity from prosecution 
if things go wrong, problems can be overcome.  Why should I have to tell you that these are high stakes?

Did you read that some team robbed a Paris museum of $100M in paintings last week?
From your words, I'd think you'd say that was impossible.
- How did they get in?
- Who was in on it?
- Who bypassed the burglar alarm?
- Who could finance such an operation?

If you can't answer those questions, does that mean the paintings are still there?

Remember, on Sept 10 the WTC was just another tall building in New York.
Dudes walking in the front doors with a bunch of boxes wouldn't raise a lot of suspicion.

The point is it takes a long time to get a structure prepared for demolition and the preparations are not easily concealable. 

What if they were working on this for years?
Why do you think Cheney wanted to get back into government?
To help the poor and Blacks get a bigger piece of the pie?
Do you think the CIA isn't capable of subterfuge?

Additionally, you cannot prepare too far in advance because of the risk of premature detonation, the risk of discovery 
and the risk that the control runs might be inadvertently damaged even if they were not recognized for what they were.

If you're hell-bent on taking control of the world's oil, you might be surprised how far evil men might go.

By implication, based on logistical considerations alone, preparation for demolition 
would have had to begin immediately when the Bush Administration came into office.

Again, that's crazy talk.
You make wild assumptions and then assign them fact status.
Maybe they rented office space in 2000.
Maybe the operation only took six months to set up.

You might be making sense in a normal situation. 
If some guy wanted his wife dead, he probably wouldn't blow up the WTC to make that happen.
But this isn't a normal situation and you have to keep in mind who you're dealing with.
I'm saying the Bush bastards stole power for a reason.

Or did the Clinton Administration initiate the conspiracy and pass it along to the incoming Bush Administration. 
Some things just require too much suspension of disbelief to be accepted within the realm of possibility.

We're not talking about a plan to steal Mikey's bicycle.
We're talking about stealing more money and power than anyone in Earth's history.

Just asking: You're not related to Lee Hamilton, are you?

So, how in the nine months preceding 9/11 did no one notice a flurry of work preparing the 93rd to 99th floors 
of the North Tower, and the 77th to 85th floors of the South Tower for implosion. Even assuming no one not involved 
in the actual work of preparing the buildings recognized what was going on, don't you think the work itself would get noticed?

Men in UPS uniforms delivering bozes to WTC offices would seem unusual to you?
Are you suggesting these men wore "terrorist uniforms" and if nobody noticed, it didn't happen?

Of course they had a "cover story", but in the aftermath, wouldn't ONE PERSON have remembered the work 
and the cover story? Why has no one ever come forward and said, "Hey, back in July and August, there were 
those guys working on ... whatever ... right where the planes hit on 9/11"?

How did Bush keep it a secret for YEARS that he was tapping everyone's phones and e-mail?
That had to involve hundreds of people at a minimum.
But they went undetected for what, five years?

The Bush bastards had the power to say, "This is national security so if you open your mouth you might die in prison."

3. The PLANES!!!

How did whoever was flying the planes, even if by remote control manage to impact the Twin Towers in exactly 
the right location where the demolition charges were already planted? How did they manage to do so without 
disrupting the control runs out to the individual explosive charges? Why do so many of the controlled demolition 
theories dispute even the existance of the hijacked airliners?

One "theory" holds that missiles or remote controlled aircraft were substituted for the hijacked airliners. 
What happened to the passengers? The passengers were real people who are missed by real families and friends. 
At least one of the missing passengers was the wife of a high ranking Bush Administration official.

Ninety-two passengers and crew on Flight 11 - North Tower
Sixty-five passengers and crew on Flight 175 - South Tower
Sixty-four passengers and crew on Flight 77 - Pentagon
Forty-four passengers and crew on Flight 93

Passengers and crew on all four flights communicated with persons on the ground concerning the "alleged hijackings". 
Either they were forced to do so as a part of the conspiracy or were participants in the conspiracy.

IF any of the passengers were not on board the hijacked aircraft and were not participants in the conspiracy, 
they either must have been imprisoned or murdered outright.

What happened to the passengers? 
Are they in some secret North Vietnamese prison with all the MIAs and POWs that never came back?

But as Arlo Guthrie says in Alice's Restaurant, "That's not what I came here to talk about."

The problem with the WTC Controlled Demolition Theory is the mistrust it engenders. That's why I call it disinformation.

When you look at the arguments and see all the holes for what they are, you begin to mistrust more than the government.

There are holes in my theories and in your theories.
But the towers DID come down and hundreds of billions of dollars WERE stolen.
The Constitution WAS discarded and the Bush bastards DID steal Iraq's oil.

I think you're saying, 'The Bush bastards would never be so inhumane."
I disaagree with that statement.

You can get murdered over tennis shoes.
Why do you doubt someone would murder for a $100 million slice of the BIG pie?

It gives those who do have something to hide an excuse to tar ALL 9/11 skeptics.
If these guys are as Nuckin Futz as they obviously are, then anyone who questions the received wisdom on 9/11 must be crazy too.

I don't know what you're saying, there.

And I think that's the whole point. It's a cover-up all in itself. Not to cover up the Bush Administrations evil actions, 
although I'll grant there are enough of those, if not before 9/11, certainly after ... but I think to cover up incompetence, 
willful blindness and plain vanilla corruption.

Are you saying the Bush bastards accidentally stumbled onto hundreds of billions of dollars in found money?
I don't buy that for a second.?

The Bush Administration didn't let 9/11 happen because they wanted it to happen. They let it happen because they ignored many warnings. 
They ignored those warnings because acting on them might have jeopardized the many cozy crony business dealings the Bush Klan had with the Saudis.

Although, I still haven't heard any satisfactory explanation for why Bush just sat there in Florida or why the Secret Service 
didn't hustle him away from his known location that morning. How do you explain the Secret Service not taking action to protect the President?

I have no idea why you think that's relevant.
I doubt the Secret Service was in on the plan..

Unless SOMEBODY knew the President was in no danger? How did they KNOW?

But again, that question can be ignored because anyone who questions the official explanation is obviously crazy. 
The controlled demolition theory "proves" that ALL 9/11 skeptics are crazy. 
 John S

I wish I had time to get deeper into this, but the stakes couldn't be any higher. 
Hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe trillions, were stolen between 9-11 and Obama's inaugural.

Is it your opinion that Bush-Cheney were too honest to be a part of such a crime?
If so, why did they tell lies, delay investigations, manipulate the press, refuse to speak under oath, etc?

One big plus for my side: We KNOW they're lying about what happened on 9-11.
If nothing hinky was going on - why couldn't they just tell the truth? 

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