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Subject: The FOX Street Journal


If the Wall Street Journal were not owned by Rupert Murdoch would we even have 
any questions as to whether this is a recession? The media says we are not in a recession. 
But when in our history has everything looked so bad at once? 

Falling dollar, rising oil prices, falling home prices, rising food prices, double digit inflation,
more unemployment, bank failures, massive banking bailouts, stock prices of automakers 
at historic lows and more economic misery on the horizon for business, homeowners and 
individuals all add up to the beginning of the next depression.  

This recession is worsened, with housing being a main component, home prices must go down. 
Until housing turns around, this economy is headed down. With jobs and decent paying jobs 
gone and going, how will a recovery be accomplished? One way would be to quit the war 
and spend heavily on infrastructure - bridges, water systems, green energy source construction 
universal health care and more.

There is a fire going on and since the WSJ is firmly in the republican camp, of course they won't 
say this is a recession or worse, we should just, "Stop whining, keep moving, nothing to see here."
The president's Plunge Protection Team, created under Reagan during the stock market crash then 
keeps propping up this fraudulent stock market.

You can bet if this happened on Clinton's watch or any Democrat's watch this would be 
the apocalypse. They could not even acknowledge how strong the economy was under Bill Clinton. 

No one will yell "fire," but the fraud that is perpetuated by the WSJ/pro Bush media is only 
postponing the inevitable crash and guess who will inherit the devastation and guess which 
party will be blamed. Not the ones that caused it.

We had little reason to trust the Wall Street Journal before, 
but now we know we can discount the Fox Street Journal.

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