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Subject: Funny Times for the Clintons Contest

Joanna had just realized she had sex a few days ago, 
and forgot to go to the pharmacy for her Plan B.

Bart, the writer's jealousy of the Clintons is obvious. 
She resents the respect they get from people which she feels is undeserved.
Her statement that Clinton is no longer a rock star seems to be wishful thinking 
since Clinton's popularity has hardly waned. If anything it's stronger in many ways.

He no longer wields the big stick of a POTUS but is almost universally respected outside the U.S.
Unlike Bush who must have an audience screened before he can show his face in public and has to 
use storm troopers to keep protesters away, Clinton strides into any venue and draws a friendly crowd.

He can also talk and answer questions without an earpiece and a prompter to remind him where he is 
and how to pronounce it. For a Republican Clintonmania must be particularly galling because they say 
living well is the best revenge and the Clintons are living pretty darn well.

When somebody says they hate the Clintons ask them why. Chances are they won't know. 
It's been drummed into their heads until no thought is required. 
 Jack D

Bart, I saw Clinton on Letterman, & the way this article is written, it sounds as if Letterman was in Africa
with the President.  The quote as written is correct, it's just a clumsy way to put it.  What the President 
was saying is that he is looking to be in the background when/if his wife becomes President.  Silly man. 

I don't think the whole article by Joanna Weiss is favorable or unfavorable.  I think she is trying to capture 
what is a very odd circumstance, that of a past President campaigning for his wife for the same office, 
hampered by the fact that he is greatly loved & for some reason she is vilified.   In any case, she was 
charming & funny on Letterman last week & he was a delight on Tues night.  And not for a second do 
I think he will act the role of a male lion if she is elected; as far as I am concerned I hope she gets him 
as involved as he wants to be & I am betting that will be quite a bit. 

Bart, I read the Joanna Weissí article twice and I donít know why you are perplexed.  I thought it was
an interesting, good-natured description of how the Clintonís roles have been reversed and how Hillary 
is straining to equal Billís natural ability to come off as a real, transparent person.  I think the article did 
a good job of describing how Hillary often seems to be trying to hard to be all things to all people 
depending on where she is and who she is with.  I donít think the article was in any way trying to dump 
on Hillary but just illustrated the irony in the roles Bill and Hillary now find themselves.  By the way, I saw 
Billís interview on Letterman and it was very interesting and humorous, especially the comment about the lions.

Hey Bart,
This asshole was simply trying to remind everyone what a "womanizer" the Big Dog is
... like he should be ashamed of that or something.

Anyhow, it is the whore's method of alluding to something, without having to actually 
say it and hang her ass out where it might just have a boot inserted.

Bart, to me, it sounds like Bill is acknowledging the fact that Hillary will DECIMATE any neocon in the
upcoming debates.  That he looks forward (as we all do) to seeing her humiliate whichever conservative 
that gets their nomination in the next election cycle.  If it is to be, it's Hillary/Obama, or Hillary/Edwards for me... 
(Kucinich is too weenie-like, but has great ideas.)
Hope my previous comments toward you don't affect the judgement, but you're the only one 
asking these types of questions.  Still think the Wege and Rude blow you out of the water.
  Drew (For Franken/Senate '08) 

Note: I assume Rude is Rude Pundit, not sure who Rege is...

Bart, this was a piece that played both sides. This writer wanted to be both, mildly attacking and sort of
flattering. What impresses upon me was what I read as her desire to appease competing interests Ė her
readers and her bosses. And what was interesting is she mostly wrote about Bill Clinton (mentioned 6
times). That also tells me that she didnít feel comfortable writing about Hillary (mentioned 4 times),
possibly because she was walking that tightrope of wanting to be negative but not really. Her focus
should be on the candidate.

I think this writer had the pressure on to be muted.

Hey Big Bart -
Weiss seized upon Her comment on Ellenís show, about being perceived as a creature from another world, 
as a convenient excuse to make a case that She is, in fact, inhuman.  A candidate who can only mimic those 
warm and folksy political interludes.  Not at all like super-hunk hubby Bill, who lets his hair down with the 
effortlessness of falling off a log.   Speaking of logs, that is what Weiss is actually revealing in her article: 
Her blushing desire to seize Billís log.  If only that Body Snatcher Alien Hillary would get the living hell out of way.
 Dave in Los Angeles

The winner.

BC, the point is to fill the blank space between the ads.
 Uncle Fredrick

Uncle Fredrick, e-mail me to claim your prize.

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