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Subject: Gadaffy challenge

How is God- Daffy ( Ghaddafi)  threatening us? Nuclear warfare? Attacks on the continental US? What is the threat?

No current threat - he's out of power now.
But he's killed a few hundred Americans over the years.

OK. So he did some bad shit to people who disagreed with him.
It happens all over the world and happened for years, decades, centuries, millennia.

What is your personal fear of Ghaddafi? Is he coming to OK and is he going to shoot
YOU down, rape YOUR women and maybe steal YOUR truck and guns?

You assume I have a personal fear of Gadaffy - you assume wrong.
Have you heard of a thing called The Arab Spring?
That's what they call the Twitter or Facebook Arab revolution.

Five years ago, there was no way to start a revolution.
If I told my bitcher or baker that the government was corrupt and the murdering bastards
needed to be taken down, the butcher would call Gadaffy's police (to protect himself)
and the dissenters would be crushed - but that's not possible with Twitter and Facebook.

Once this revolution started, it could not be stopped.
Why be on the wrong side of history?

Could it be because he is so foreign? He believes in guns and God and oil, just like Americans
 -  no wait - at least the attitude isn't - foreign just his color and choice of religion.

What if I was telling the truth the other five times I've explained this?

When the protests began, Gadaffy vowed to murder all the protestors, "Showing no mercy."
That pissed off Hillary and she started nagging Obama (conjecture) to intervene.

I don't agree with Kucinich or you completely on this.

You should agree with me because I'm right.

There are SO many things about the UN that are questionable.
So many programs that may  do more damage than good when used for political purposes.

Screw the UN.
Obama waited to get permission and that made him look weak.
I'm all for doing things lawfully and legally but when your kid falls into the "No Swimming" lake,
you don't call City Hall and ask for legal permission to save your kid - you ACT and save his life.
People who disagree with me on this are crazy (or childless).

Israel lives outside the rulings of the UN and do not seem to be hampered at all. You never mention anything about Israel, 

I try to avoid dragging Israel into things that don't involve them.

What about John Hagee and the Dominionists?

What about the Infield Fly Rule?

What are the Dancing Israelis doing on 911? (google it)

No time to Google things that mean nothing to me.

What about the International Bankers?

You ask questions that cannot be answered.

What about the secret cabals, the conspiracies,the assassinations, the lies, the wars for profit, the chain of deception?

What about staying on-topic?

Gadaffy vowed to murder thousands of innocent, unarmed people.
Hillary said "Not on my watch," Gates wanted to stay out of it.

Obama eventually agreed with her
so Gates resigned
and the story, so far, has a very happy ending.

Get OFF this left/right - democrat/republican  - good cop/bad cop paradigm.

You talking to me?
When some dictator announces his intention to murder the innocent,
how do you see that as a
left/right - democrat/republican issue?

It is there for your entertainment, and for their goals.
The Hegelian concept of problem - reaction - solution.

You're smarter than me - I have no idea what you're talking about.

CaseyAnthonyOJOctomomPalinBachmannRomneyPerryObamaClintonBushMcCainCarterRove/missingwhitegirlsitifbleedsit leads...........etc.
It is all a diversion.

Still Love Your Work and Dedication,

If I announce my intention of shooting an innocent person in the head,
what does Octomom/Palin have to do with anything?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


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