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My good friend Garland wants a piece of me?
Poor Writing or Clumsy Attack?


The Clinton "movement" revealed the existence of a center right leaning 
democratic machine and its powerful alliance with the American political right. 

Pure horseshit.

Facing political annihilation, the Clinton people ran for political cover in the only place 
where they were guaranteed shelter, the right wing media machine.

Pure horseshit.

We watched Bill Clinton chatting it up on the Rush Limbaugh show,

That lie is so old it has a broken hip.
Is Garland ignorant of the facts or intentionally misleading his readers?

Geraldine Ferraro spewing racial venom then hanging out with Sean Hannity despite 
his white supremacist ties, and Ed Rendell praising Fox news for their objective balanced coverage

Check BCR 141 where I refute that horseshit.

Even now, rabid Hillary supporters such as  claim to work for unity while 
attacking their new found enemies on the left such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the DNC. 
Faced with true progressive policies, the Clinton supporters chose to openly ally themselves 
with John McCain in their fight against the Obama people.

ha ha
It's Christmas in June?

First, Pelosi and Reid sucked major donkey long before I ever heard of Barack Obama.

Second, anyone who claims I'd ally myself with John McCain is going to come off 
looking ...less than accurate to anyone who has read  in the last 13 years.

Garland, you took your best shot but you missed :)

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