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 Subject: Gaster not a racist fuck


Just for you since you seem to be unaware that all those points you put up
(probably copied from somewhere else) are all things purchased by the man
who owns Gaster Lumber, whether through taxes or directly. 

Which means he built that business with his own money. 
The government just sold the service. Like a lawnmower salesman.

Also, you obviously you like to throw around the term "racist" without any idea
what you're talking about so I hold no expectation for understanding and or reply.

You're welcome anyway.

So, Gaster built the damn that created the electricity needed to power his store?

Gaster built the massive telephone network across America to generate out-of-state sales?
Gaster built the roads that enables customers to drive to his store?
Gaster created and built the postal service that allows sales by mail?
Gaster built a nationwide police force to prevent marauders from stealing his store?
Gaster built a nationwide radio network so he could run ads on Talk Radio?
Gaster built a private fire department to save his store when it burns?
Gaster built the school system that allowed people to get an education
and get good jobs so they could afford the products he sells?

All of those services were provided by "socialist government" - that can't be denied.
The only other possibility is my sarcastic "Gaster built that?"

Look, we can disagree on politics without screaming insults at each other.

Gaster is wrong and so are you, but that's just politics.
What makes him a racist fuck is his "Obama can kiss my ass" sign.

Find a picture before we had a Black president where a mainstream businessman
told the president
in writing to kiss his ass on a giant sign in front of his store.

Would he have told a white president to kiss his ass?
I doubt it.

Truth is, Gaster is selling hardware in severely racist Savannah Georgia,
so maybe business went UP once he told that "uppity nigger" to kiss his ass.

For us, the good news is that idiot Romney bet his convention on
the lie that Obama said "Gaster didn't build Gaster's store."

Of course Gaster built his store, but not without a fuckload of socialism.

Congratulations, Ricky  - you learned something today.

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