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Subject: Gay people in the history of the Catholic Church

Hi Bart,

Few know that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in the Middle Ages provided 
sanctuary for those who wanted to avoid the plague.  Before that, the "nunneries" 
were literally brothels.  Recall Shakespeare's "Hie thee to a nunnery!"  
In other words, go get f**ked.

Down through history the RCC was also a sanctuary for all those misfit boys and 
girls who were hustled away by their embarrassed families to become nuns and priests.  
Some of these kids were homosexual, and the RCC was the only safe place for them.  
Well, "safe" is not exactly the right word because they were exposed to pedophilic priests.

Perhaps this explains why pedophilia is so ingrained in religion.  Until recently, 
I suspect that many families were relieved that their misfit kids had a place to go 
where they would not be an embarrassment and would be accepted.

Today the Gay Liberation Movement has brought us gay folks into visibility, 
and slowly we are removing that "embarrassment", thus making it unnecessary 
for kids to end up in the clutches of criminals.


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