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Subject: Need to get over the race thing


I suppose that at some level I might be a racist. It's not intentional, it is probably more of a sensitivity than a prejudice. I know on a moral and cognitive level that members of all races have equal humanity and as individuals deserve the respect they can earn and the opportunity to earn it. I also know there are familial and tribal instincts in play because people are human.

I am not surprised, given the history of this country, and the recency and imperfection of the progress that has been made with civil rights, that 90% of black people would vote for Obama. I would hope that it would be less for, say, Alan Keyes, but people want to root for home team. My wife wants to see a woman President in her lifetime.

I have a problem with the racial analysis. I think either Clinton or Obama have an excellent prospect of winning the general election. But when Clinton claims the uneducated white demographic, or Paul Begala asserts Democrats can't with with "eggheads and African Americans," I think that is debasing of the electoral process. There are a lot more important issues than melanin vs. ovaries.

We need to overcome the media imposed paradigm that elections are a set of games and the objective is to fool voters to win points. The strategy is to collect money from the real customers of power and use it to buy exposure in the media, but to be aware that the media has its own agenda and free access to itself. What we end up with is a government that is corrupt from top to bottom because it is driven by legalized bribery with the issues defined and controlled by large corporations.

I don't think a contested convention will destroy the party if it appears transparent and the outcome is somehow explainable as fair. We don't want riots (maybe Rush) we want a big group hug after the finale and a united party willing to recognize and execute what it takes to take down McCain in November. No respectful campaign, as Bill Clinton suggests would happen with Hillary. McCain is poison, and must be stopped.

I will support any nominee of the Democratic party without reservation, because I know what piece of shit McCain is. Democrats don't even have to make up lies about him like Republican surrogates did for Kerry. You don't even have to touch his military service. People should be reminded of Charles Keating, and various deals that McCain lent his influence to. He is corrupt, stupid and mean.

Charlie R 

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