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Subject: The only problem The Who had... 

The only thing wrong with that halftime show was the sound engineer. 

There are TWO mixes involved, one for the STADIUM, one for the TV audience. 
You don't need much processing on vocals for the STADIUM mix because you have natural echo happening. 

However, the TV mix NEEDS some "sweetening" to give it that ambient warmth and studio punch. It sounded 
to me like the halftime show's sound engineer sent the DRY stadium mix to the TV feed early on. (No echo or 
reverb effects added) That made the vocals sound like they were "off" compared to the way we're used to hearing them. 

Their harmonies were also mixed too dry and lop-sided early on. It was the soundman, not THE WHO. 
Townsend was in fine form and he looked like he was having a blast up there. And Roger Daltry sang his ass off! 
He sounded damn close to top-form, and at the end of "We Don't Get Fooled Again," the greatest scream in 
rock-n-roll history ripped a hole in the sky.
Jim DeRogatis is a douche bag.
Hammer on, Bart!
Gino R

Daltry's scream is good, but not as good as Plant closing Stairway or the big one in Whole Lotta Love.

Plus, if you have Zeppelin's April 28th (not 27th, it sucked) 1977 show in Cleveland, Plant hit some notes
that were better than anything he ever did in the studio on Kashmir and In My Time of Dying.

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