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We're Going to the Sun

What is that?

It's the road that crosses the Continental Divide in possibly
the baddest national park in America - Glacier National Park.

So, you're rolling in money now?

Somehow, I thought that might come up.

<>No, but we're running out of time.
For twenty something years, we've been saying "We should go there, sometime"
it's the only BIG park we haven't seen, and circumstances say now's a good time
to put those free Southwest tickets to work.

I don't want to see that park from a wheel chair while straddling an oxygen tank  :)

So I'll be out a few days next week, but the good news is, we're going to bring a camera!

If the trips turns out like we hope it will, we might have our first Bartcop Travel Video.
(We have ideas about getting in the video business.)

But also, I need your help.

Odds are this is our one and only trip to upper-northern Montana so we want to do it right.
Who has some good tips on what to do, what to miss and what to make extra time for?

You've been there, right?
Do we want to ride Going to the Sun Road East or West, morning or afternoon?
No sense going for a ride on Staring at the Sun Road.

Mrs. Bart read they have mosquitos the size of raccoons, true?

Also, I'm going to buy a can of Bear Spray for each damn hand.
If a bear gets me, it'll be between the car and the motel door.

Besides "Bring a camera" and "Don't taunt the bears,"  and "Keep your tank full,"
who has a suggestion for us?

Inside Glacier National Park, there's no TV, no cell phones, no Inner-Tubes, no Tweets - nothing.
I haven't done without in a long time.

With nothing to do but write, maybe this trip report will be a good one.

Summary:  (Readers applaud)
Understand - we didn't get any bad medical news or anything, we're just running out of time.
She wants to see the glaciers before they melt (and we're getting older) so it's going on the credit card

I'm doing a couple of more pages this week before we go.
I want to hear from people who've been there while we can still plan things.

PS. They're claiming they'll rent Admiral Bartcop a boat on this lake for $20.

I may be broke, buy I *got* $20 for some boating on Lake McDonald.

   I know all about GNP, Bart!


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