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Subject: GOP says thanks?


Please, please, PLEASE stop pretending a vote for someone other than Hillary is a vote for the GOP.
This is the primary season, not the general election.  A vote for any of the Dem candidates is simply
a vote for one of the Dem candidates and will not serve as a vote for the GOP.

>Hilary is not even a Democrat.
>Bill Clinton's greed was classic GOP.
>First Wench

You think that's not helping the GOP next November?
If they had the brains and courage (they do) they'll run attack ads that do nothing but quote democrats.
How can we complain about dirty politics if all they do is quote us?

Could you please explain how it is that you seem to understand media manipulation, but when that
self-same, corporate controlled, GOP-supporting, lying, manipulative media tells you that Hillary is
the front-runner and the only Dem candidate with a "realistic" chance to win...THAT you accept
as gospel (and repeat and post on your site as "proof" that she's going to win)?

I don't think she's going to be president because I was told that by somebody.

I believe in science, math and logic.
She's ahead by 20 points and she's not likely to have a great stumble.
The only way to come back from 20 points behind is with personal attacks but
Obama and Edwards are running on a platform of changing the old, harsh rhetoric.

Why aren't you suspicious that the mainstream media which, I think we agree, lives to serve the
right has informed us peon voters that Hillary will be the only "realistic" candidate?

Your position seems to be "all the polls are lying."
How do you defend that?

I, for one, will not vote for her in the primaries.  If she's the candidate in the general election, though,
I'll hold my nose, pray I'm wrong about her, and cast my ballot for her as the lesser of evils.
THAT (the general election) will be when a vote against the Dem is a vote for the GOP.

If someone wants to attack Hillary on the facts nobody can stop that, but
>Hilary is not even a Democrat.
>Bill Clinton's greed was classic GOP.
>First Wench
is just horseshit - why do you fail to grasp the difference?

For now, though, during the primaries, I think a vote for HILLARY is a vote for the GOP
based on the idea that the mainstream, drive-by media apparently has made their selection
and will now present the storyline to match:

If Hillary is ahead by 20 points and she's most likely to win, what do you want the press to say?
"She's trailing Obama by 20 and she doesn't have much of a chance?"
I'm sorry things aren't working out more to your liking, but it's illogical to ignore the facts.

MSM chooses Hillary as Dem candidate.  Ink every day.  Wall-to-wall coverage.

She's going to be president - the first woman ever - why should they not cover that?

Obama's interesting but America won't ACTUALLY elect a black man.  Regular ink.  "Curiosity" coverage.
Edwards?  Serious potoential problem for corporations.  Minimal ink.  Minimal coverage only.
Kucinich?  Pleeaasse.  Why waste ink on him?  Just show occasional pictures of his hot wife...
Others?  OH!  Are there others?

Thanks for your time.

I have a question:
Why are there 6 candidates in a race they can't win?
Kucinich, Gravel, Dodd and Mike Hunt - are they hoping Hillary and Obama and
Edwards and Richardson will all get caught in a men's bathroom stall and they'll win?

I call for the one percenters to drop out of the race.

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