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Subject: My letter to Al Gore
Bart - I've been thinking about this for several weeks.

I see only 2 people in America who would ever have a chance of defeating Obama in a primary.
One is Hillary Clinton, but she has stated she is leaving politics in 2012 and I have no reason to doubt her.
Plus, she is one of the principal architects of the modern Democratic party structure, and it is inconceivable
she would now go against them.

The other person is Al Gore. What are the odds he could beat Obama? Almost 0%.
But again - he is the only man who is ABOVE 0. It is slim. It is a 99 yard hail Mary.
But I must for my own conscience's sake support it.

I ask you then to please print this open letter.

An Open letter to Al Gore



Run for president in 2012.
Run on the DEMOCRATIC ticket. Not as an independent.
This is a Plea. This is a desperate plea to YOU, AL GORE, because I believe YOU are the ONLY
person in American today who has ANY chance to defeat Obama and pull the Democratic party
back from the brink.  Even some of the mainstream pundits are beginning to feel this way.

There have been calls by several columnists that you run for president in 2016. Sir, that is too late!


*The unions are leaving the Democratic party TODAY. The biggest union in America just publicly
announced it will not support the national party ~ the party it has supported since it was formed.
Four more years of the Obama administration REFUSING to fight for workers will be too late!

*The environment has been abandoned by the current administration ALREADY. The gulf oil spill
is still there, a tar sands pipeline is all but officially greenlighted, nuclear power plants are still being
championed, while we have not seen the final results of the Japan catastrophe, and now smog
emissions are being ignored in favor of corporate profits.

*Social Security is being used BY OBAMA as a bargaining chip to appease republican debt demands.

*You, sir, are 63. you will be 64 next year and 68 by 2016 (when all the "legitimate" pundits want
you to run).  We need your energy NOW! we need your passion for the planet and the unions and
America NOW, while you still have strength. NONE of these 4 reasons can wait around four years.
They will grow exponentially worse as your power and stamina to fight for them will wane.


4 "inconvenient" TRUTHS

I am not stupid. And I am not that naive.
I know the terrible and extreme costs involved if you decided to run in 2012.

*The mainstream media will CRUCIFY you.
1999-2000 may even seem a cakewalk compared
to the backlash they will spew at you for daring to disrupt their narrative.

*Many people (including the owner of this website) would argue that you did not fight in 2000,
and will not fight this time. The main complaint I see in the blogosphere today is that Obama will not
fight for those in his own base. Many will question your resolve to stand up against the currently
overwhelming rage of the Republicans and their lackeys.

*It's late. Obama has been fundraising for 3 years, and the Republicans for 4.
You will not have the party structure or big donor access that the other candidates currently have.
And that leads to


You would be challenging the sitting president of your own party.
This is an instant damning sin for any politician.
Win or lose, you will be considered personae non gratis.

NO OTHER ELECTED Democrat will dare help you.
This would be you alone, taking your message to the people.


How then can you win?

Again: I am not stupid. The odds are long. But I cannot conceive of another human who could beat them, except you.

I believe you DO have the will and the strength to fight for your base, and for your ideals.
I believe you have built this strength of conviction through the last decade, as you mount an ever more
aggressive campaign to promote global warming science. I believe you are finished coddling those who
would lie to debate you. And I believe you are ready to speak truth to the powers in your own party
who are letting this one chance to save our future slip away.

You are NOT a politician anymore. You have been out of the political game for 11 years, but you spent your life there.
You alone could overcome the 4th inconvenient truth and buck the establishment in order to save the party AND the nation.

And you are the only man in America with the name recognition and INSTANT willing base of supporters
who could unseat a president who may be a wonderful man, but is leading his party and his nation to defeat

Lead us, sir.



Hopefully yours
Michael S.


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