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It was one night. One night these two actresses spent together. They should 
make a movie about this night. Each of the two have been on a downward spiral
never seen before, since that night. One is a frequent guest to this spot (former
almost A list mostly movie actress who is a C- based on what she has done lately
with A+ list name recognition) and the other (former B- list mostly TV actress
from a hit almost network show turned C list celebrity) has been a guest in this
spot before previously, but not as often.

One night a few years ago, when both were at their most recent high peak,  the two
ran into each other at a Fashion Week show. They sat next to each other and clicked
and ended up spending the next 18 hours together. The younger of the two, who is
also less famous introduced her new friend to heroin. No shooting up, just snorting.
The more famous of our pair did not want to try any needles. The younger has a
couple of permanent scars from using needles. Our older actress loved snorting it.
She did it non-stop all night and also tried to show her thanks by making moves on
the younger actress who wanted no part of any female loving that night, but did
let herself be set up by our older actress with a guy who was roughly three times
her age and who ended up buying all the drugs that night and the suite at this hotel
all three used. Since that night, both of our stars have been to rehab several times.
They have watched their careers evaporate. They found a new level of drug use that
no one thought they could reach. The younger one overdosed twice since that night.

Any guesses?

The more famous of our pair: Lindsay Lohan
The younger: Taylor Momsen

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