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This former almost A-list mostly television actress calls her former co-star
almost every week. Our former almost A lister has dropped down to a C-lister
as far as work goes, although she does keep her name recognition high.
She calls her former co-star because her former co-star has managed to
keep working and staying a nice comfortable B-lister. Our former almost
A-lister wants work but her former co-star remembers how badly she was
treated by the almost A-lister and has told producers she will walk off
the show if her former nemesis even gets a whiff of a guest star role.

Any guesses?

TV show: Mistresses
Actress who is still working: Alyssa Milano
Actress who mistreated her when she was on top: Shannen Doherty

Answers by Ouish

I was thinking this had a 90210 connection.

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