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You don't really hear much about this B- list actor who evenly divides his
time between movies and television. Foreign born and never in the tabloids.
Not really a family man, but a long relationship kind of guy. He is in one
right now, but that does not mean he did not want to have some fun on his
hit network show and he selected one of his co-stars as someone he would
like to get to know better. She agreed, but started feeling guilty about
cheating on her husband so wanted to break it off. Our actor didn't want to
break it off and said to the actress he would have her fired if she broke
things off with him. She broke things off with him and the actor did have
her fired. He knew the show needed him and could easily replace her.
She has not found work since and he has been sure to bad mouth her
whenever he gets the chance.

Any guesses?

Alex O'Loughlan/Grace Park of "Hawaii Five-0"

Damn, I liked Grace Park on that show - and she had to leave
because the star wanted sex from her and she refused?

Sounds like a lawsuit to me, but then,
you never work in Hollywood again if you try to stop the sexual shenanigans.

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