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These two A+ list celebrities/singers used to be very good friends.
Never great friends, but the older of the two was willing to pass on
her torch to what she thought was a worthy successor. Then the younger
of the two decided to try and steal the older celebrity's manager for herself.
Not a good move. Then the younger celebrity started hanging out with the
older celebrity's ex. One who knows all the secrets and the younger one was
pumping the guy for information. Even slept with him a few times just so she
could say she had slept with the same guy that the older celebrity had been with.
If she wanted to continue that game she would have to sleep with a whole lot
more than one, but she thought this guy was special, so figured it counted for
extra. The younger celebrity also has been accused of stealing some things
from the home of the older celebrity. Nothing high dollar, but very sentimental.
The final straw though came when the younger celeb took credit for the older
celebrity's latest project saying that she had done the whole thing for the older
celebrity, but wanted to do it as a favor. Not true and not appreciated and the
younger celeb has found it tough to do anything now because the older celeb
has told as many people as she can not to work with the younger celeb.

Any guesses?
Cher - Lady GaGa

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