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There’s a reason she recently decided to flaunt her brand new relationship
so publicly. Suddenly she’d found true love behind the scenes? And they were
telling magazines about it? And getting papped on holiday in Europe? It was
because she was sending a message. To the major Hollywood player with whom
she’d been having an affair for 6 months. Only, at the time, he had a girlfriend.

They were dealing with each other undercover. She would travel to see him
while he was shooting on location overseas. No one, none of us, picked up on
the fact that she showed up in the same city. He was sleeping with both the
official girlfriend and the side job and telling the side job that he’d break up
with the official one and make her the bonafide but, really, the side job, to him,
was just a good fuck and not a proper escort at the kinds of functions he usually
needs an escort for. She continued to pressure him though and when he refused
her demands, she showed up with a new man, jammed it in his face – and ours
– and very shortly afterwards, he formally ended it with his gf, with a generous

Now? Impasse. She’s enjoying her summer hookup. And he’s all like, ok,
I’m available, you can come to me, or don’t. It’s not like he can’t find a
replacement, like, right away. Any woman becomes an instant star as soon
as he takes her out. Given that she’s already a star, on a smaller scale,
their reveal, should they figure out their situation, would be great for gossip
though it could overshadow his work. And he has a lot of it coming up.


Any Guesses?

She: Eva Longoria
Her New Boyfriend: Ernesto Arguello
Hollywood Player: George Clooney
Hollywood Player’s Official Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler

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