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This one is creepy.

A little back story to this blind. Originally this blind was not going to be
blind at all and was going to be published by a reporter who had done
extensive research on the story, and the fact that a celebrity was involved
was just one facet to the story. That celebrity, who used to be an A list
mostly movie actor was questioned by the reporter about the facts and
the former actor hemmed and hawed and said he would get back to him.

He never did. Instead, the reporter was visited at home by three gentleman
with Eastern European accents who advised him that any story he was writing
could be written, but that if the actor/celebrity was mentioned in the story
or implied or inferred that they would visit him again at a time when the wife
and daughter of the reporter were also home and then they all could have a
chat together. Our actor/celebrity it seems has friends in very high places.

One of the three men who paid the reporter a visit had a diplomatic passport.
At this point, the reporter's first draft did not mention the actor/celebrity,
but I am hoping he will change his mind or that this might help ruffle some
feathers and that if enough people know, that the reporter can proceed
without fearing for his safety or the safety of his family. The story goes back
about ten years. Maybe a little more. Our actor was just coming off his peak.

He was not A list any longer, but he still had that A list name recognition and
glow about him. Our actor also had an appetite for women. A huge appetite
for women. Because of his status, he had no problems getting women, but he
had certain kinks that needed to be satisfied so he preferred to find some
women in Asian countries or poorer countries where they could be bought
and arrangements made for them to be given a "job" in his production
company and a visa arranged so they might be able to travel with him.

Our actor did this for many years, even while he was married to, at the time,
this B+ list mostly movie actress. At the time of the blind he was divorced
from that actress wife, but he was seeing this other C list mostly movie
actress who he had met on a film. He also happened to run into a dictator.

They had previously crossed paths and were actually friends because if their
shared appetite for violence and women and the dictator was a huge movie fan,
especially of our actor. He also admired the actress our actor was now dating.
Our actor gladly handed the actress over to the dictator for a night. The actress
did not even utter a protest because she had been beaten enough by the actor
and the dictator had a reputation of his own that she did not want to meet.

So, she stayed quiet, but she is also one of three sources the reporter used and
the actress has not been seen in almost a year. Whether she is in hiding on her
own or is being hidden without her consent, I don't know. The next day,
the actor and the dictator had a chat and the actor said he was tired of his
most recent travel companion and that her visa was running out, but he had
no idea how to get her back to her country and just did not want to bother.

The dictator offered to take the woman off our actor's hands and the actor
agreed, but said they should make it official. He always wanted to sell
someone so the dictator offered the actor $20. The actor agreed. One hour
later the woman was in the hands of the dictator and two years later she
was dead. Killed because of internal injuries after a particularly brutal rape
which the dictator was known for. The reporter said that people noticed the
woman who was killed, not because she was killed, because it happened
more frequently than one would think, but because she was Asian and the
rest of the sex slaves of the dictator were not Asian. The other sources for
the reporter also confirmed that the dictator was proud that he had got the
woman from one of his favorite actors and that he was sorry she had died
because the actor would ask him about her when they saw each other.

The dictator is now dead. The protection the actor is getting comes from
another leader who also enjoys the company of the actor and they share
the same taste in women and violence.

Any Guesses?

Actor/celebrity: Steven Seagal
Wife: Kelly LeBrock
C list movie actress:
Dead dictator: Muammar Gaddafi
Leader: Russia's Vladimir Putin



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