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They are not getting married. They are not planning a wedding.
They are not engaged. In fact, they are not even dating anymore!
Why even bother with the photo ops? Well, it helps publicize the project.
Remember that in the celebrity world, 1+1=3. Two celebrities dating
each other attract more attention than two individual celebrities alone.
More attention = more publicity. More publicity = more money.
But it’s all over. The flame of passion has died.

Public appearances notwithstanding, this young celebrity couple is done.
The truth is that he signed up for a relationship with a famous, All-American
kind of girl, and she turned into an hyper-sexual urban wannabe. Not exactly
wifey material. The announcement will probably be made on a Friday within
the next eight weeks, and will be vague and friendly ("Too busy to give our
relationship the attention it deserves. We remain the best of friends, etc.").

It’s not a total loss. Dating her gave him a big boost up in the celebrity world.
Dating him made her more interesting and relevant. Now he can go on to a
serious acting career, and she can go on to being a grown-up performer.
Everybody wins!

Any Guesses?

Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

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