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I went to to what they had to say about Les Paul.

I saw their list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All-Time

Let's Argue

Hendrix is first - OK, I can live with that.
It would be great to see what he'd be doing today.

Duane Allman is second and I have a slight problem with that.
What's the best lick Duane ever played - the opening spear on Layla?

That's a great lick, but if Duane was so good, why did his band need five guitar players?

Putting BB King third just shows what a whore Rolling Stone has become. 

Yes, he's a legend and a pioneer and all that but a great guitar player?
He admitted in U2's Rattle and Hum that he can't even play chords.
The third greatest guitar players of all time doesn't know any chords?

*I* don't know any chords, either  - does that make me one of the greats?

On Friends once, Phoebe asked Chrissie Hynde if she knew "all" the chords.
Chrissie assured her she did, but BB King doesn't know any of them?

We saw BB King years ago and every sone sounded EXACTLY the same
and each solo sounded the same because he doesn't do any licks or runs.
He just plays that same dinky-dink style on every song.

Fourth was Clapton, which is about right, if clean and slow is your thing.

Fifth was Robert Johnson who was a fine player - in the thirties!!!

Sixth was Chuck Berry which doesn't make a lot of sense.
I've never heard Chuck Berry play great - is this a pioneer thing again?
If so, where is Elvis's guitar player, Scotty Moore?

Seventh was Stevie Ray Vaughan and THAT MAN played guitar.
King, Berry and Johnson were better than Stevie Ray?

Is this a politically correct thing since we stole rock n roll from the Blacks?

Eighth was Ry Cooder who I've never heard.
If you don't have to be famous, where are the Del Castillo brothers?
Click  Here to see Ry Cooder tear thru Goodnight Irene.

Ninth was God, which is such an insult for God to be ranked f-ing ninth.

Tenth was Keef Richards - really
Jimmy Page was able to beat Keef by a whisker?  Really?

We must keep in mind that Rolling Stone didn't put this list together to honor guitar players.
They did it to increase sales and get people arguing about their stupid, upside-down list.

Rolling Stone's in the music business the way FOX News is into honest journalism.

Remember when RS named N' Sync the "Best band in the world" when they didn't 
even play their damn instruments?  Rolling Stone is the TIME Magazine of music (not a compliment)

Rolling Stone, thy name is whore - but funny, I'll trust your politics
as long as that crazy whore Matt Taibbi isn't doing the writing.

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