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My Brush with Greatness


In 1973 I went with a friend to the World Science Fiction convention in Toronto Canada. 

To make a long story short, in those days in particular, science fiction
and fantasy authors were accessible, friendly, and grateful for their fan base. 

My brushes were with Isaac Asimov, whom I played chess against, and lost,
(disclaimer here; he was playing against 20  people simultaneously, and they all lost),
I had an hour conversation with Robert Bloch, who wrote Psycho among other memorable stories,
and had brief conversations with many other known science fiction authors; Larry Niven, Poul Anderson,
and David Gerrold, author of the Trouble With Tribbles episode of the original Star Trek series. 

I know, I know, pretty nerdy.  But BC, particularly Asimov made you proud to be a member of the
human species, he was also an ardent and articulate atheist which made him a shining twofer in my world.
 Minnesota Steve and Aletta

Steve and Aletta, that was nice - thanks.


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