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My Brush with Greatness
  In 1968 there was a World's Fair in San Antonio, Texas in which Coca Cola had a puppet show.
My three children ages 16, 14 and 10 saw it once and went back a second time.  It was wonderful!

At the end of the show, a large, cackling witch on a broom came flying over our heads
from the back and
ended up on the stage. Really dramatic!

Anyone who so desired was invited to come back stage and meet the crew afterwards. 
We were the
only ones who did so.

They seemed surprised to see us, but one of the young men came up and introduced himself as Jim Hanson. 
We raved about his show, talked about puppets, and told him he had the longest lines
of any of the shows. 
He apologoized for that, (considering the Texas heat), but we told him it was
well worth the wait.

After we left, we kept talking about our hopes for a future for that kind of show nationally.

Hello muppets!!
  Carolyn G


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