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My Brush with Greatness

I have been lucky enough to have had many brushes with greatness. But one of the
most amazing of all was just two Saturday nights ago, at the movie theater where I work.

The very night AFTER the Cardinals won the World Series, around 9 PM, I had just helped
clean the last theater before it was time to let folks in for the next show. I clocked out, looked up
across the computer monitor/ticket register, and there stood Tony LaRussa and his lovely wife.

He had just ordered two tickets for a FRENCH movie titled "Mozart's Sister". A fan standing in line
behind him recognized him, and Tony's wife took their picture together while I held their tickets and
change for a $50 bill. It took a while, so I walked around the counter with the change and tickets,
and I took the opportunity to shake his hand and congratulate him.

He was all smiles. He was not the Tony LaRussa you see frowning in the dugout, cursing umpires and
glowering like a Mafia don. Sometimes you can actually see the peptic ulcers right underneath his uniform:
that's how tightly wound even Tony LaRussa would tell you he is. Or was, now that he's retired.

He went into the theater and sat down, and my manager asked me to go take his picture.
No problem second time around. Super nice, all smiles, and his wife was as diplomatic as could be.

BTW, I'm not a Tony LaRussa fan.
I have watched his entire career here in St. Louis with plenty of criticism to offer.



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