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My Brush with Greatness

Back in 1988 or so, a friend and I went to the Famous Rainbow Bar & Grille on Sunset.

This place was a hangout for Rock Stars (including, even further back, your boys Page, Plant, and Bonham)
and a total zoo. This was a fairly quiet weeknight and we were at this rectangular shaped bar, on the other side
I see this skinny dude with wild hair who looked like he was doing some serious partying. (There was a lot of
those around back then) I said to my friend “Look at this guy he thinks he’s Nikki Sixx.”

He looked like Nikki but I didn’t think it was him. 
A few minutes later someone took his picture and I said “Shit! It is Nikki.”

Later when the place was about to close my friend and I stepped out front to smoke a joint.
I light it up and then I hear from behind “Hey man can I have a hit of that?”

I turn around and it was Nikki. This was when he was in his craziest most drugged out days, as you know if
you read The Dirt, or The Heroin Diaries, but he seemed fine. We chatted for a few minutes while we smoked. 

Nikki was wearing a T-Shirt from the Doll House in Fort Lauderdale, made famous in his song “Girls Girls Girls.”
Turns out we both new the manager of the place. I stayed at his house for a couple of days when I was back there
a few years earlier, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. After we finished the joint Nikki said thanks, hopped into a
waiting Limo and sped off into the night.
  Rick The Hollywood Liberal



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