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My Brush with Greatness

Hey Bart:

Back in 1977, after college, I played in San Diego with a band.  4 girls, 1 guy. 
We traveled to Yakima, WA to play the state fair there.  We were the warm up band for 3 acts. 

The first was Jim Nabors, our boss sent word we’d like to meet him.  Never heard from him. 

The 2nd act was Bill Cosby, our boss sent word we’d like to meet him.  He summoned us to
his trailer to have an audience with him.  After the show he went to a movie with us and hung
out with us, it was all about him, he was an obnoxious ass. 

The 3rd act was Mel Tillis.  Our boss sent word we’d like to meet him.  We heard a knock on
our RV door,  & there stood Mel Tillis, he came to meet US.  After the show, he invited us all
up to his hotel rooms to party with him and his crew. 

He gave us each a signed album, a M-M-Mel Tillis 1977 CMA Entertainer of the Year t-shirt,
and had his picture taken with each of us.  He was the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet and
so was his crew.  I was never able to look at Bill Cosby again and think he was funny after the
way he treated us.  Goes to show you money and fame doesn’t mean shit if you’re an ass. 

A big star like Mel Tillis could’ve been an ass too, but he was just a really nice guy,
and I’ll always remember that.
  Marsha in TN


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