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My Brush with Greatness

My treasured friend who turned me onto Bart Cop reminded me
of another brush with greatness that I would like to share.
From 1977 to 1983, I worked at Bill Gates' dad's law firm
in Seattle. I was sitting at the receptionist desk when a
skinny, freckled and bespeckled guy my age came in for an
appointment with one of the business lawyers.

After he left, I asked Mr. Gates' secretary, "Who was that geeky guy?"
She replied, "That was Mr. Gates' son.  He's forming a company to make
the brains for computers, and you know how smart computers are!"

Back then, we were still using IBM Correcting Selectric typewriters
and carbon paper. I wish I had been much nicer to him (LOL!).

A little bit o' trivia - did you know Bill Gates, Jr. got a perfect score on his college SATs?
Mary in Bonney Lake, WA
P.S. Bill Gates, Sr. is one of the most wonderful, generous
and kind-hearted people I have worked for in my 35-year career.
At the firm's Christmas party, I watched that dear man tear up
as he read a lovely poem that he had written about the people
working in his firm.

Also, years later, when asked what influenced his son's
great success, he replied, "He had a wonderful mother."
What a class act!


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