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Subject: My Brush with Greatness
It was October 30, the weekend before the '92 election.

My sister and her husband were staying in the hotel opposite WOR Channel 9 in NJ, and by pure luck,
Bill Clinton was doing a televised town hall meeting. We couldn't get in and went back to the hotel.

We were watching the news when it was announced Clinton would later that day, be the first politician
EVER to give a speech on AIDS. Remember, Reagan never uttered the word. We decided to go see him
and went downstairs.

When we got out of the elevator, a Secret Service guy straight out of central casting, told us to stand still.
Then we saw him.  Bill Clinton. Tall, ruddy complexion, and so comfortable with who he is. 
They'd barricaded an area for people to meet him on the other side of the lobby.

But his eyes surveyed the room in an instant and he spotted a woman in a wheelchair next to me and
strode over to her. He called her by  her first name, shook her hand and chatted like old friends.

He looked up at me and said 'Hello, I'm Bill Clinton. Where are you from?"
My throat went dry, my lips stuck to my teeth and I finally squawked out:
"Allll bany!"(my home is in a rural area 25 miles away but that didn't come to mind)

He broke into a big smile and shook my hand and acted like it was the most normal thing in the world.
Then he went back over to meet those waiting. For the next several days I couldn't believe how I'd acted;
tongue-tied and so stupid!!. Arrgh! It was not even fun telling people about this when I got back home.

And, I know this isn't an earth shattering story but I live in the middle of nowhere.
Its 17 miles to the closest grocery store, but I met the next president of the United States.

Oh and another thing. When we were trying to figure out how to get into the town hall meeting
we were standing outside the television studio with throngs of people. If you remember, Clinton
had been going through the Gennifer Flowers scandal.  And lo and behold, strutting around in
the parking lot was a Gennifer Flowers lookalike.......fur coat, big hair, blonde of course,
heavily made up to look exactly like her......the vast right wing conspiracy had to be hiring
these Stepford women to be at every appearance he made. 

It was Fellini-esque to say the least.
All that was missing was the dwarf.

upstate NY


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