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My Brush with Greatness

In early 60's I & a high school friend moved to Los Angeles to seek our fame & fortune. 
We had a girl classmate who had an apartment not far from us who had parents in San Diego.

She used to get her hair cut and styled by a lady down there who had come from another country
and was sponsored to this country by none other than most decorated soldier in WWll and then
movie star, Audie Murphy.  He had a film about his war story and book a couple years earlier.
"To Hell and Back" of which I was a big fan and enjoyed very much.

Anyway, the hair stylist had a few Christmas gifts she wanted delivered to Audie's family & kids
and our classmate arranged to deliver them.  Needless to say when she asked if we wanted to
assist the answer was obvious.

We got the gifts and his home address near Universal Studios in North Hollywood and set a time to deliver.

When we rang the doorbell to the huge house, Mr. Murphy answered the door and invited us in. 
He said his wife & kids were at Disneyland but sat and visited with us for at least 10 minutes.

As we were leaving, we noticed several boxes of Champaign down the hall near the kitchen
and he explained they were going to have a little New Year's Eve party at his place.

There is no way he could have been more pleasant and  warm. 
I still kick myself for not getting an autograph or photo of the moment.
 Gary DeS


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