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My Brush with Greatness

Hey Bart

I was in the military, stationed in Fort Stewart Georgia. I believe the year was 1992/1993.

Aerosmith was coming to South Carolina so I bought up a good bit of tickets so a group of my
buddies and myself could go and enjoy some kick ass rock n roll. Of course we partied it up pretty good.
Bacardi was the juice of choice and thank god too because in those days when Aerosmith went on stage
they made the beer venders shut down because of their new sobriety.

I had no idea any modern rock band would ask their fans to stop partying while they played.

Dickheads for that move I say.

I agree - they had no right - unless your ticket said that before you bought it.
What's next?  Tim Tebow says "No beer while I'm the quarterback?"

Anyway, about halfway into the show I snuck up to some kick ass seats very close to a tier
on the right hand of the stage. Steven ran out to the end of it and before I knew it I jumped
across the backs of about 10 seats jumped onto the part of the stage and gave Mr. Tyler a
huge bear hug mid-song.

I was I to eye with the little tear drop he used to paint under his eye.
Very quickly I found myself flying through the air landing with my ass on the floor
and my legs sticking straight up in the air against the seats in front of me.

Security did a fine job on me that night. It was one of the many stage dives
I have accomplished in my days but thought this was a good one for you.

You really kick ass Bart and have taught me a lot. I promise to do my part in supporting you
a bit financially one day. Right now it's tough but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

David, thanks for that.
I'm glad security didn't go all "Giuliani Time" on you.


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