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My Brush with Greatness

Hey, Bart:
I am a retired Customs Inspector, and worked at a major west coast airport for many years. 
Due to my employment, I had the opportunity to meet a large number of great and near-great people. 
I don't want to sound like a name dropper, so I decided to just send you a top ten. 

These are people who impressed me because of the things they had done in various fields. 
All of them were very friendly and kind to a public servant.
1.  Former President Jimmy Carter.  He was returning from Japan, and I met him at the gate with
     a Secret Service Agent and escorted him to the airline's lounge, where we completed his customs papers. 
     Soft spoken, a humble man.
2.  Captain Jacques Cousteau.  I met him twice, and thanked him for his work.
3.  Alex Haley, author of Roots.  I thanked him for inspiring me to look for my father,
     who I hadn't seen for 27 years.  He gave me his autograph and welcomed me into the family of Kunta Kinte.
4.  John Wayne.  He offered me a chaw of his tobacco, saying, "I gotta get rid of this shit or my wife will kill me."
5.  Raquel Welch.  Wow, I could hardly talk.
6.  Sophia Loren.  We talked about an old movie she made where her character
     brought a mortadella (an Italian bologna) through customs in New York.
7.  Elizabeth Taylor.  I helped her exit through a back exit to avoid papparazzi.
     She was coming back from Mexico with George Hamilton.
8.  Greg Louganis, Olympic diver, returning from the Korea Olympics. 
     He gave me autographed pictures for my wife and her friends.
9.  Rick Springfield (Jessies Girl).  My daughter told me that if he ever came through
      and I didn't get her his autograph, I should not come home.  He got a kick out of that.
10. Cary Grant.  He asked me if his daughter could come into the customs are to meet him.  How could I say no.
There were so many others, but I guess that will be enough.
Don in Vancouver, Wa


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