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Subject: My Brush with Greatness

In 1968 the Republican presidential convention was being held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Some of my bored high school stoner buddies and I decided to go hang out on the front lawn
where the limos drove by. A big black stretch limo cruised by and the window rolled down.

The big head of John "the drunken Duke" Wayne suddenly appears and bellows "Fuck you hippies" and flips us the bird.

I'm a huge Marion (John) Wayne fan. I just named my new lab puppy Rio, in honor of his Rio movies. Rio's dad's name is Duke.

At the time, Orange County California, Anaheim, Newport Beach, etc. was and still is a bastion of rich white bread Republicans.
The Duke lived aboard a converted minesweeper in Newport Harbor, and was the pro war voice of his time. Watch, Green Berets and go enlist.

Draft notices hung over our heads like the grim reaper.
We rolled our notices into bombers and smoked them.
We marched on and occupied the local colleges.
A Bank of America was burned to the ground.
Drumming, chanting, music and tear gas filled the air
The latest Occupy movement is giving me flashbacks.
We are still being called dirty stinking hippies and they are still called pigs.

  Michael H




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