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Subject: My Brush with Greatness

Hey, Bart.

Some time in the 90's, I was in a terminal at Sea-Tac airport (Seattle) sitting in the waiting area
prior to being called to board my flight.  I forget where I was flying to, probably Portland or Los Angeles. 
The waiting area straddled several gates, so there were many people there were waiting for several flights.

Anyway, I was reading a magazine and looked up just in time to see an elderly gentleman reveal his face
as he shuffled the pages of the newspaper he was reading.  I thought he looked familiar, but that only
lasted a moment as he was probably the most frequently seen person in the country at the time. 

It was Walter Cronkite!

I thought about going over and saying something, or even just catching his eye to nod my recognition. 
But I decided against it because he was just by himself, patiently waiting for his plane in the early morning,
probably enjoying his solitude.  I did notice a few other people showing signs of recognition, but they also
afforded him his solace.  When I was called for my flight, he remained, reading his newspaper.

Well, that's it.  At least it's a step up from "I met a guy who once saw a friend of Garth Brooks' mailman."
Your fan (mostly,)

My fan (mostly?)

Let me guess - if I wasn't so into torture, right?

Just because I have Dick and Der Monkey Fuhrer over on weekends
to watch torture porn doesn't mean I'm "just like them."


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