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Subject: My Brush with Greatness

Bart, I was on a connecting flight from Pittsburg to Columbus.

<>After I thought that I had luck out an had two seats, a late boarder approaches and asked if the seat was taken.
<>Looking up I recognized Gary Player, the then famous PGA champion Golfer from South Africa.
<>I asker him which seat he wanted and he picked the one I had not occupied so as not to make me move.

We sat in silence until the Columbus, I figured he was in for the Memorial Tournament, Jack Nickolas's
tournament in Columbus, that coming weekend. He asked me if I was from the area and if I knew how far
it was to Lexington KY as his agent had purchased a thoroughbred race horse for him and, time permitting,
he would like to see him.

Thinking as a normal non-race horse owner, I began to explain a that it was 4-hour drive in a rental car.
This guy is not only a millionaire but a pilot, whereupon I directed him to aircraft rental hanger.
As we stood to leave he offered his hand and thanked me for being a comfortable passenger companion.
It was at this point that I thanked him and addressed him as Mr. Player. His eyebrows went up as if in
acknowledgement of the fact that I had recognized him and appreciation of a quiet ride.

He again thanked me and said "call me Gary". What a gentleman.
  John in OH


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