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My Brush with Greatness

Victor Jory (famous character actor from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s) came to speak at the college
I was attending in the early seventies. We were both walking through the student union building
when we made eye contact and he smiled and nodded at me.
On another occasion, I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Salt Lake City, waiting to meet a friend for a drink.
Broderick Crawford was doing dinner theater in the same hotel and he walked through the lobby right past where I was sitting.
I was attending an Indy Car Race in Vegas in the mid-eighties with some friends. We had pit passes
that allowed us to walk through the garage area and observe the mechanics working on their cars.
One mechanic in particular looked familiar to me when I realized from the name on the car that it was A.J. Foyt.
Finally, I was standing in a very crowded Lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan, N.Y. in January, 2002
talking to some friends who were seated. A little old man pulling a suitcase pardoned himself for squeezing
between us and worked his way through the crowd.

My girlfriend and I both looked at each other with raised eyebrows as we recognized Tom Bosley from Happy Days.
Those are my stories.
I used to be “Steve in Bountiful”, but now I’m “Retired in St. George”.


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