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My Brush with Greatness


I was touring with Mickey Gilley and we always pulled into Harrah's in Reno a night early.

We would then go to the cocktail show or the dinner show of the performer who was in the
showroom for the two weeks before us and would usually visit backstage between shows.

<>This time it happened to be Sammy Davis, Jr.
<>He graciously accepted us backstage and we hung out for a while. I thought it was the night
<>of the Motown twenty-fifth anniversary special on TV but according to the internet the dates
<>don't correspond correctly. But Michael Jackson was on some special program that night and
<>Sammy stopped everything to sit down and watch him perform.

That was the amazing thing about the visit. Sammy was on the edge of his chair in front of the
television in the dressing room just being mesmerized watching Michael. He was blown away
by the dance moves Michael was doing on stage.

He sat there and kept saying "Lighten up on me
Michael, lighten up on me".
And then, when Michael did the moonwalk, Sammy went crazy.

It was really cool watching him react to that performance.

  Gary in Austin



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