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My Brush with Greatness

This is mine vicariously through my husband. He worked on race cars in the early 80s as a weekend hobby
with a guy who raced the Winston West circuit and also ran some other races. They were going to the track
in Portland (we live in Lakewood south of Seattle) -- It was a race where Paul Newman and Peter Graves
were going to be at. I said I wanted to go in case we could see Newman. My husband said, "There will be
so many guys racing we'll never see him."
The day they arrived they were parked and my husband was under the car working on something and felt
a tug on his foot. He gets out and guess who is there asking about the car? Mr. Newman himself. (They had
parked next to their trailer.) They all visited for quite some time. That evening the group my husband was with
were going to dinner and when they walked in Newman and a few guys were together and invited them to join them.

Oh yeah, honey we'll never see them! DAMN!

Anyway, they just talked cars but I like cars too! My sister-in-law lived outside of Portland and
ran down there and got some pictures while they were at the track but I still give him a hard time about that.
What is funny is our son growing up was much more impressed with dad's picture with Richard Petty,
Bobby Alison and Hershel McGriff and hearing about his dad meeting all the "old guys" from racing
than he ever was about the time he met Paul Newman! :)


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