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My Brush with Greatness - and sleaze

My brush with Greatness

It was the mid 70’s and I was walking down 7th Ave near 43 or 44 street in NYC.
I worked for a copier company so I was carrying a briefcase in one hand and a tool case in the other.
As I looked across the street towards Broadway, I happen to see a yellow cab packed with folks
pull up in front of the movie theater there. I thought it odd that so many people were in this cab.
Lo and behold the first person out was Muhammad Ali!

Instant traffic jam. Horns were honking and blowing.
People were shouting Ali! Ali! Ali!

I crossed the street to get a closer look at this melee. His movie ‘The Greatest’ was opening that week
and it was playing at this movie theater. He was working the crowd…’The Best Movie Ever Made’!!
’The Best Movie Ever Made’!!

I had worked my way to the inner circle of the crowd (remember with briefcase in one hand and tool case
in the other) so I’m standing right behind him as he is working the crowd and then  whoosh!!! A fist is
planted right in front of my face!!! Outta of nowhere. He looks me right in the eye and says
‘I still got it, huh brutha?’ Best no hit I ever experienced!

My brush with Sleaze.

So I’m taking the bus back from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and we pass through Hagerstown MD.
The bus station there is so small you have to wait outside for your bus to board. I look up and recognize
immediately John Fund. He sits across from me.

Talk about frumpy? He is on his cell from there, through Baltimore all the way into DC. I heard so much
of his personal business. Someone wanted to fix him up on a blind date. He gave his specifics and even
his cell number. I started to write it down but didn’t. There is a saying that we use amongst friends,
TMI, Too Much Information.

That is what I felt as I listened to his conversation. When we got off in DC, I realized how tall he was
(I’m 6’2). One word came to mind, tailor. His suit and tie just did not fit him well.
  Ronald T



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