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My Brush with Greatness

I was working at a small regional airport in California. 
I worked several flights a day and had loads of "down" time between them.
I had been watching A-10 Warthogs doing touch and go's all afternoon when a Pitcairn Mailwing
landed and parked.  We got a lot of interesting planes, this was just one of many.  The pilot got out,
talked to the fuel guys, wandered around for a while and then came into the terminal to use the restroom. 
Then he came over and started talking to me. 

I was WAY too cool for that, I was no a beauty but pilots are notorious for being flirts. 
So I chatted with him and gave it no further thought.  He went back to his plane and flew away. 

Moments later my friend from the fixed-base operation came running through the door yelling,
"Did you see him, did you see Steve McQueen?" 

OMG, I had been talking to him and never realized behind that beard was someone I admired and lusted after.... 
If I recall, he was quite sick and died not that long after I saw him.

I have wondered all these years later if he thought I was a dolt or what!
  Bimbi in Oregon


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