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My Brush with Greatness

When I was a 21 year old kid just out of the Marine Corps I got a job pumping gas in Southern California. 

Across the street from the gas station was Ultra Limousines.  I watched custom limo’s come and go from there every day.  
One afternoon a lady walked into the gas station asking if I could go across the street and help her change her flat tire. 

I, of course said yes and we walked across the street and I got started.  I was on the street side of the car changing
the tire when a long white limousine pulled up right behind me.  The rear window rolled down and Sylvester Stallone
stuck his head out of the window with a giant early 90’s portable phone in his hand and asked “You need a phone?” 

Say it in your mind like Rocky would; that’s what he sounded like. 
I turned around, shook his hand, said no thank you and off his limo went. 
My Brush with greatness.
  Jeff – A Texas Democrat


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