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My Brush with Greatness

There are two brushes with greatness here.

The first brush I had was the privilege of serving with these great men in Vietnam ca 1968.
This photo was taken in August of 1968 and it is of the men of my m-60 machine gun squad.

I am the person standing on your left. The person in the middle of the photo is Lt. Colonel Martha Raye.

The photo was taken on LZ Center and our unit was First Platoon, D company, 3/21 Infantry 196th Light Infantry Brigade.
Col. Maggie arrived that day and when the Battalion Commander and Sgt Major tried to give her their tour of the LZ / fire
support base, the story goes that she was having nothing of their attempt to chaperone her and that she was only going to
visit the men in the artillery battery and the Infantrymen, unescorted.

We could tell that she was in awe of all of us Infantrymen and that made her a hero to all of us.
She was a huge presence in such a hostile setting. All military protocol was put aside and she
spent a lot of time with us and there was no question that rank was irrelevant.
She was an amazing person.

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps
 Steve in Sacramento

Note: Steve sent this in last November.


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