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My Brush with Greatness

Back in ’81 (or maybe ’83, whenever the Stones did their Tattoo You tour),
I had good seats at around the blue line (this was at the Meadowlands arena in NJ). 

As I got to my seat, I noticed that sitting directly behind me was the unmistakable
and stunningly beautiful Cheryl Tiegs (what blue eyes!!!!).  I didn’t recognize the
younger hottie sitting next to her.  My buddy said, “don’t you read Sports Illustrated? 
That’s Christie Brinkley”.

Safe to say that I left the concert with a very stiff neck, and didn’t really “see” much of Mick and the boys.

Side note.  It’s common knowledge that the predominant garb at a Grateful Dead concert was Tie-Dye and Denim. 
At this Stones concert, not so much.  Never saw so much leather in my life!!!
  Rick P


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