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My Brush with Greatness

Lewis Black is amazing.

We saw him Thursday night at Rose State College in Oklahoma City. 
They sold Lewis Black bobblehead dolls with a button on the base.
You push the button and he either says "Go Fuck yourself!" or "Youuuuuuuu son of a BITCH!" 

He's really nice and he has charisma.
He comes out to the lobby after the show and signs autographs,
for as long as it takes to talk to everybody which is really nice.

Note from husband Ray:

Sharon left out a couple of important details:

She made Lewis Black laugh!  She said, "My name is Sharon.  I'm not Jewish, but I'm sympathetic."
He is actually at least "(F-ing to the 70th power) amazing." -- I knew he would drop the "F-bomb" at least 5 times. 
I stopped counting somewhere in the 70s.


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